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Oracle: Java’s worst enemy

Oracle shipped Java SE 7 with a serious, showstopping bug, and who was the first to alert the Java community? The Apache Foundation. Oh, the irony.

This is the same Apache Foundation that resigned from the Java Community Process (JCP) executive committee in protest after Oracle repeatedly refused to give it access to the Java Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK).

It’s the same Apache Foundation that developed Harmony, an open source implementation of the Java platform. Google used Harmony to build its Android mobile OS, which is now the subject of a multi-billion-dollar lawsuit from Oracle alleging intellectual property violations. Oracle has subpoenaed documents from the Apache Foundation to help make its case. Nobody is sure what this means for other Harmony users.

It seems as if Oracle would like nothing better than to stomp Apache and its open source Java efforts clean out of existence. And that’s a shame, because at this point, Apache is doing a lot more good for the Java community than Oracle is.

Read full article http://www.infoworld.com/d/application-development/oracle-javas-worst-enemy-168828?page=0,0

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